What essentials you should include in the influencer’s contract



The success of your influencer marketing campaign depends not only on the right influencer that you’ve chosen but on a clear-cut influencer contract.

The 8 essentials of a contract with the influencer

These are some sections we recommend you to include in your own influencer contract:


Timelines and deadlines of the campaign. Indicate:

  • the duration of the campaign
  • the deadlines an influencer must meet in creating sponsored content for review
  • the dates and times an influencer must share sponsored content.



If you offer a long-time partnership, we recommend that you include a prohibition to post competitive content until the end of the contract.


A list of things you want to avoid the influencer referring to in their posts, videos, or Stories. For instance, do not refer to any competitor products or services.


Any approval process that you expect the influencer to follow.


The total number of posts or video length within the timeframe. Indicate how long the post or video must remain active. Some influencers delete their sponsored posts in 24 hours.


Any account or hashtags that the influencer should mention in their post or video.


Use of Content. We recommend to include permission to use the influencer’s content created regarding your product, in your own website or social media.


Payment Terms. How exactly is payment going to be made?


FTC/CMA compliance. Advertisement regulators have taken a greater look at influencer marketing these days. Make sure that your sponsored post or video has a proper disclosure that complied with FTC rules if you operate in the US or CMA recommendations in the UK.