About Influent

About influent

Influent is a global influencer directory and social media network for influencers, brands, advertisers and followers

Influent is a global influencer directory and social media network for influencers, brands, advertisers, and followers with listings in more than 10 countries -and growing- and access to a huge variety of content and categories including fashion, sports, travel, food, and much more. Our expanding network of prospective advertisers and corporate partners makes it easy to get sponsored and promote products, services, attractions, and interests to your followers while building your reputation as a top-rated influencer among international brands. 

We believe that influencers are not only essential to digital networking, lifestyle quality, and cultural trends but are also reshaping the global marketplace and giving brands access to a wider audience while sharing their knowledge and passion with their fans. Over the past few years, influencer marketing has skyrocketed in virtually every industry and is on a trajectory to new heights in the future. This places influencers at the forefront of consumer engagement around the world and makes them a key element of any successful marketing campaign that seeks a competitive edge and broad exposure to their target audience and beyond. 

Influencers Are the Future of Marketing. Here’s Why. 

With digital space bringing in a new era of knowledge-sharing, social networking, and commercial engagement, influencers are uniquely-positioned to deliver multi-purpose content that serves all of the above. Below are just a few reasons why influencer marketing is essential to brand prosperity in the 21st century. 

Transparent and Trustworthy Content

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, influencer content is based on an active relationship with the audience — one which relies on open communication, feedback, and trustworthy opinions to succeed. The result is a transparent and insightful platform for lifestyle sharing, where viewers have the leisure to pick and choose products, services, and attractions that help them achieve their goals without ever feeling like they’re being sold. That’s because influencers rely on creative content to seamlessly blend the intent with the solution and produce a very natural viewing experience.  

Genuine transparency and disclaimers only add to an influencer’s appeal, and many influencers will be hard-pressed to engage with a brand that doesn’t align with their values and image. This makes them exceptional marketing assets to brands with a harmonized vision, as the overall content achieves a smooth and collaborative effect. 

Expert Advertisers

Influencers have a way of making things look or sound appealing, whether it’s a product, service, or simply an idea. Their social media content is a perfect opportunity to promote usability and quality, and a recommendation from a trusted influencer hardly requires a second opinion. 

One of the reasons influencers are so good at sales generation is because of their intimate relationship with their followers. Knowing their audience well, influencers find ways to share concepts without being aggressive or distracting from the overall purpose of their content. The best influencers make it a point not to stray away from their style, theme, and opinions, which effectively makes them an authority in their domain. 

Virtually Unlimited Online Marketing Reach

With a broad social media following that spans across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and emerging media platforms, top-rated influencers give brands extensive reach into digital space along with a valuable insight into market trends, product and service feedback, and of course — their target audience. 

While brand marketing teams may find themselves scrambling to keep up with their audience demographics and market position, influencers actually set the pace and are often the ones who decide what’s hot and what’s not. Partnering with a high-value influencer makes for a very effective outreach initiative based on genuine, real-time content and consumer interaction. There’s simply no better way to achieve on-the-ground marketing than through a reputable influencer. 

Influencers Know How to Make a Good Impression 

If there’s one thing influencers know how to do, it creates brand awareness, and they do it well. With characteristic transparency and appeal, influencers have a way of highlighting all the special features of a product or service with finesse. This translates into invaluable exposure and the possibility of a lasting brand advocacy relationship that keeps paying dividends. Influencers also present marketing metrics in the form of engaged followers and interaction on specific brands, which can be narrowed down further to specific products and services in relation to the total number of followers and how many are engaged. With such a clear-cut way of measuring impressions, it’s no wonder that influencer partnerships can be directly correlated with increased traffic, lead conversion and sales funnel efficacy. 

Excellent Return on Investment

Influencers are highly cost-effective, to begin with, and investments will only multiply with time and a transition from promoting brand awareness to brand advocacy. There’s really no better way to penetrate the market, get up-close-and-personal with your target audience, and grow your brand’s own social following than by partnering with a top-rated influencer with the help of Influent.

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